New Interview with Worldhoppers’ Guild, Possible Podcast, Fighting Personal Demons

Author interview, possible podcast, + that bad joke I promised in my last post

The Worldhoppers’ Guild recently reached out to me to do an author interview and set up an author page there featuring all my books (the Six Elements series, the New World series, Six Elements Origins books, and some excerpts). In this interview I talk about what’s awesome about necromancy, building complex dark or disturbed protagonists, the weirdest most-played video games in my sizeable Steam catalogue, and more! Check it out, and while you’re there look around a little. You might find some other spec-fic funzies.

This is my third author interview in a year, guys. I’ll tell you what: doing interviews is probably my third favorite thing about being an author, behind writing and commissioning new cover art. 😛 If anyone reading this happens to belong to a site that does author interviews and you’re interested in working with me, shoot me an email. I’ll do pretty much anything if I can talk more about my books and characters. Haha.

Anything? ask the lovers of semantics among you.

Okay, maybe not anything. I’m a married woman! *Dodges husband’s glare*

Speaking of which, the Worldhoppers’ Guild has expressed interest in doing a podcast with me. The guy in charge is the friendly and spec-fic obsessed Ryan Meier, who loves necromancy and the badasses who wield it as much as I do. While preparing everything for my author page and interview we got lost in conversation about it. The podcast isn’t up and running yet, but I told Ryan I could spend hours talking about necromancy (and I’d love every minute) so I’ll keep you updated on whether that idea comes to fruition. Are you guys interested in podcasts/videos etc.? I’ve thought before about making short YouTube videos answering fan questions, delving deeper into Six Elements lore or characters, or even talking about other things like video games and the like, but I don’t know if the interest is there. Just throwing out the idea to see if it sticks.


Depression is an asshole, but fan support helps to lead me toward the light

In update news, apologies that I’ve surpassed my usual bi-weekly update period. It may not be obvious based on the positive nature of this post, but I’ve been suffering from the worst depression I’ve had since my late-teens (so it’s been a good fifteen years). I was diagnosed with depression as a pre-teen, attempted suicide due to bullying, and then overcame it by focusing on career success during high school while ignoring the petty mouth-breathers. As an adult, I thought I was past all that because I’ve been so happy and successful. A lethal combination of negativity (from my career, health, family/personal life) finally just overwhelmed me, exploded, and left me in shatters. Negativity and depression are drains on motivation and creativity–both things required to write a book. Thus, I haven’t worked much on Stemming the Tide because I barely feel motivated enough to eat sometimes.

Should you worry? Mm…probably not. I’m not suicidal (though I have been fighting dangerous thoughts like, Death would release me from many burdens). Much like Cerin in Rise of a Necromancer, I recognize my degrading mental health so I’m trying to take steps to prevent it from getting worse. The bigger threat is to my books. Whenever I’m bombarded with negativity my first instinct is to unpublish everything and quit writing for good so I no longer have to deal with the struggle/financial burden of marketing/libel of me as an author and/or my art. This is what scares me; after all, writing is how I make my living, and 95% of the time I love it. I just have to keep reminding myself of everything positive: how I love writing, my books have a lot of good reviews from those who appreciate what I do, the fan mail I’ve received, the books I have and love that wouldn’t exist if I didn’t write them. To those of you who have supported me in the past with reviews/comments/fan mail/website content like art and questions: thank you. It is your support holding me back from the edge right now.

To end this on a slightly more positive note, I hope I’m in the early stages of overcoming my depression now. I opened up Stemming the Tide for the first time in over a fortnight on 10/26 to edit and hopefully start writing again. It makes me long to have a friend like Koby who can see the positive in anything! His cheerfulness is inspired by my own normal personality, but who can you trust to be the optimist when the optimist is depressed?

Fuck depression. If it were a tangible being I’d send Kai on a quest for vengeance against it. At least then we all know it’d have no chance in hell of surviving, and its death would be gloriously gory. 😛

-Rosie Scott

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